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Sustainable Packaging


Our environmental vision:

Evergo Packaging has strived to achieve a high proactive standard in its approach to environmental management. Whether it is total recycling of waste materials or management of our precious resources like energy, we approach this task willingly acknowledging that as more and more businesses adopt Corporate Social Responsibility, they will become increasingly concerned with the environmental credentials of their business partners and suppliers.
Evergo's rigid environmental protocols throughout its entire production and purchasing processes ensure your organization is recognized and rewarded in pursuing a Corporate Social Responsibility.


Evergo Packaging recycling program for waste materials is forever evolving as we find more ways to continuously improve the program through staff education, participation and industry best practices.

  • 96% of paper waste is gathered daily through a range of collection bins and compactor for recycling
  • 100% of printing plates are collected through a dedicated storage and recycled through smelting
  • 100% of solvents are recycled through our local solvent recycling company
  • 100% of toners and Cartridges are recycled through collection bins at printer locations


Traditional printing inks are petroleum based and contribute, both in their manufacture and usage, to greenhouse gas emissions.
Several years ago Evergo Packaging changed to soy based inks. Soy-based inks contain 20% to 100% soy oil, which is also a renewable resource. Using soy and other vegetable oils reduces VOC emissions and creates a safer work environment for our employees and clients.
Soy-based inks offer several performance advantages over petroleum based inks. Our tests before changing to soy based inks resulted in brighter colors a result of the greater translucency in soy inks. Using brighter colors enables the same amount of soy ink to produce more impressions (images) than the same amount of petroleum based ink, which translates into a 5% to 50% increase in transfer efficiency.
While these inks actually provide a noticeably brighter finish they are also more scuff resistant which provides a win, win solution for both our customers and the environment.

Computer to plate technology:

Evergo was at the forefront of the introduction of Computer to Plate (CtP) technology back in 1998 and we are now into our third generation of equipment. Not only does CtP provide a superior print quality and faster job turnaround than conventional offset filmmaking, but by eliminating the chemical usage such filmmaking required, we have been able to substantially reduce energy usage and waste material output.

Investment in technology:

One of the often hidden causes of environmental wastage is through the continued usage of obsolete equipment. Evergo has a robust capital investment program which ensures that our press fleet is regularly replaced.
Modern printing presses reduce the usage of press chemicals and their advanced computerization programs minimize paper usage in setting up for each job.


There is a surfeit of contradictory and increasingly strident claims being promoted in regard to the manufacture of paper in today's market. EMAS accredited; ISO14001; Forestry Stewardship Council - Chain of Custody, sustainable sourcing; plantation timber; fully or partly recycled; oxygen bleached; chlorine free etc. etc, the information stream is not only endless but often contradictory.
Evergo has a simple solution. It has adopted as its house standard sheets, paper stocks that it knows meet current benchmarks in environmentally sustainable production. 90% of our paper consumption is 100% recycled stocks.
Our staff is fully trained in all paper substrates and will recommend environmentally responsible paper stocks which meet our customer's requirements.

Future Plans:

Our future plans include the acquisition of the ISO14001: 2004 Environmental
Regular monitoring and auditing of our environmental policies and procedures will produce continuous improvement throughout all areas concerned.



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