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Company Profile


Statement of Purpose

Evergo Packaging is a company formed to fulfill a specific need within the packaging industry. There is a real need to have a small company provide innovative solutions and personal customer service that our larger competitors have failed to and are unwilling to provide. Traditionally, companies demand superior quality products as well as extensive face-to-face communication with suppliers at all levels. Evergo views this as a real opportunity to form a company to service the needs and desires of the customer. What will set Evergo apart from the competition is its ability to have experienced personal involvement from the top down.

Our vision:

To be a leader in innovative packaging, by providing exemplary service and real solutions to our clients.

Our culture:

Everyone at Evergo has a total commitment to excellence, in both manufacturing and service. They are more than just skilled technicians: they are enthusiastic, committed and genuinely interested in everything they do.

  • We back up our vision by fostering a staff commitment to service.
  • We provide them with long term apprenticeships and ongoing training. We encourage staff to share their knowledge with each other, particularly when deciding on the best way to approach a difficult project.
  • We actively encourage staff in all departments to stay in direct contact with clients. This keeps everyone informed and ensures that our wealth of knowledge and hard won practical experience is available whenever clients need it.

Our Quality Statement:

Evergo Packaging will consistently provide exceptional quality products and services that exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.
We will create an atmosphere of continuous process improvement and an empowered organization to meet our customer needs. Our quality objectives shall be achieved at all levels by adhering to the following principles.

  • By identifying and documenting of customers requirements.
  • By giving exemplary service to our clients.
  • By offering our clients access to the latest technology.
  • By producing the highest quality packaging.
  • By preventing waste in products, process, and services.
  • By continual improvement of quality performance.


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