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Evergo's "Inner vision":

"We actively pursue innovative packaging solutions that add value to our customers' products."

We stand out among other manufacturers because in the heart of our experience and capability, innovation is our core strategy. Our carefully designed packages provide a unique selling proposition for your products by incorporating one or several user-friendly and cost-effective features such as following:

  • Tamper-evident design: Our products are specially designed to alert the consumer that the package has been opened already.
  • Anti-counterfeit: Aside from micro printing, UV invisible ink, RFID tags, and covert watermarking, we also use other counterfeit-prevention measures to protect your investment… your brand.
  • Consumer safety: Tear tape on cartons offers a safe, flexible, and versatile access to corrugated or fiberboard packaging. This provides you an effective alternative to perforation or score lines in cartons, in which compression strength is deemed critical.
    By removing the need for using sharp blades to opening cartons, tear tape also eliminates the risks of consumer injury and product damage.
    Tear tape can be used conveniently in both corrugated and fiberboard packaging that are primary and secondary in food, soap cartons, courier envelopes and paper sacks.
  • Moisture and grease resistant: Our products are manufactured with special coatings that provide excellent moisture and grease resistance. These repulpable coatings are recommended as a replacement for poly-laminated board and plastic packaging.
  • Crush-resistant: Our courier envelopes and photo mailers are made from sturdy 100% recycled paperboard with features like quick-set-adhesive, moisture resistant, and tamper- evident design to safeguard your important documents and precious pictures from damage while in transit.
  • Static-resistant: By using anti-static coating materials in our media mailer envelopes, your CDs and DVDs are adequately protected by a special coating that forms a shield around sensitive electronic or digital data storage devices. Because this two-in-one feature eliminates the need for another protective contraption, you save on cost.
  • Rust-resistant: Our products are treated with a special Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) substance. It can eliminate the material and handling costs associated with placing corrosible products into secondary VCI-treated bags or wrappings.
    Metal products can be quickly and easily placed into our rust-resistant primary packages for storage or shipping. This takes a step out of the manufacturing operation, saving time and money while reducing waste.
  • Abrasion-resistant: Abrasion-resistant coatings eliminate the common abrasion that occurs between the inside of the shipping container and the packaged item.

The need for abrasion resistance has increased dramatically as recycled fibers have replaced softer virgin kraft. Painted products are particularly more prone to abrasion today because they are often packed before the finish is fully cured (that is, before the paint reaches full hardness). This works best on: Packaging for automotive parts such as headlight lenses and plastic body parts to prevent scratching. Partitions inside boxes so that more items can be packed into each box without risk of abrasion.



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